Welcome, <br>I am Tapan Mishra, <br>a Common Man

I am Tapan Mishra,
a Common Man

"कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते - सामर्थ्य और सफलता. We conduct this program for students to guide, mentor and handhold them to make the right career decision. Please do not misunderstand me and us as Motivational Speakers. We are Professional Career Enablers who listens, analyses ,and enables You and You to make the right career decision. We spark and ignite the innovation and intelligence within you. Good to Know You

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Innovating You, Inspiring You, Igniting You

We work on innovating the best within you to make the right career decision, learn the better of the best courses, Inspire yourself to make the decisions of your life with confidence and Ignite yourself to make most of yourself happen.

Academic Programs

This program is designed for students passed 10th and they are yet to take the decision what to study further to get their career set and in shape.

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Career Programs

This is the signature programs of us which guides the career aspirants who have completed graduate studies to start their priceless career journey.

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Professional Programs

This program is for professionals who has spent at a years plus time in corporates or in any job and willing to make the career more professional and growth oriented.

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Our learning programs are designed and developed by Industry Experts who have 50+ years of cumulative experience in diversified domains and industries in mid to C level leadership positions.

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Competent Courses

Competent Courses are designed for 45 days to make the candidate competent enough to perform a certain level of task assigned to him.

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Proficient Courses

Proficient courses are designed for 90 days to give a better insight and indepth knowledge of a particular industry required skill to make him more competent to perform the task.

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Efficient Courses

Efficient Courses are designed for 180 days wherein the candidate will be given all round knowledge on a specific career and will be trained thoroughly to make the best career out this.

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Tomorrow is Unseen ! Meet us Today.

Six pillars we stand upon

Our six values, six pillars which makes us stand out of crowd.


Karman is the concept which is derived from Shrimad Bhagwad Gita which advises everyone to do Karma means work. We firmly believes it and implements in our programs.

3i Methods

Initiate-Innovate-Implement is the assessment methodology which we have developed for our students to assess them 360 degree to derive at a winning point for their future.


Parallel Academic Learning Experience is the concept which provides experiential learning to academic courses as well as gives additional learning to make the a complete professional.


Career Assessment and Resource Enhancement is the process which we follow to assess the current career and prepares a road map to enhance the career with available resources with the student.


Simulators are testing environments which we customize according requirement. This is a best practice we follow to make acquainted about exams to wipe out the fear of exams from the mind of our students.

FM Station

Father-Mother Station is a parents program where we work with the parents of our students to create awareness about different career opportunities, child stress management and development.

Simply meet us today to explore your own potential.

We will not motivate you, we will innovate within you.

Our comprehensive assessment cum learning programs are not on-spot and short term motivational programs instead well researched and innovated concepts, themes and assessment processes which ignite you to innovate within you and you will become your inspiration.

  • Meditate to Explore Within
  • Speak to Yourself Daily
  • Feel Happy for yourself
  • Correct yourself daily
  • Listen to Stress free music
  • Experience Spiritualism
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We will not motivate you, we will innovate within you. 15 Years of Experience
Learn At Your Own Pace

Top Trending Programs

Explore all of our courses and pick your suitable ones to enroll and start learning with us! We ensure that you will never regret it!


Business Management Professional

Business Management Professional is one of the most sought after management course in the online and offline arena wherein in the student is being learned all about being a professional.


Oracle SQL Developer : Essentials, Tips and Tricks

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Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python In Data Science

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Enjoy the top notch learning methods and achieve next level skills! You are the creator of your own career & we will guide you through that. Register Free Now!

100+ Students agree that we are something different.

100+ Students agree that we are something different.


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We are coming with Intra School Quiz Contest, Inter School Quiz Contest, Junior Computer Programmer, Web Computing Seminar etc soon.

December 1, 2020
December 1, 2020
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