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13 Jun 2013

A Brief pictorial reasoning on why the ongoing debate might be worthless about ETL and Hadoop. | Create infographics Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin Share on Orkut share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Share on technorati Tweet about it Buzz it up Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Bookmark in Browser

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4 Sep 2012

Surprised to see the Logo of Netflix in Sepia ? Don’t be. Thats just my representation of how it might be in 5 years. Simply “RIP”. On a serious note, what is very important for us to understand is –  how the company evolved. When Netflix came was on a rise  it created stir with the following WOW factor 1. Renting by mail – Extremely strong logistic. (Novel Idea) 2. Localization of dispatch services. (warehouse near by) 3. No fine, No late fee. (free of worry) 4. Technically unlimited opportunity to see movies. (Calculated risk and well advertised). 6. Stay at home, order online  [ Read More ]

16 Jul 2012

In the enterprise IT scenario, if your firm is not involved in at least 5 proof of concept on the “yellow elephant”, then probably you have a lot to worry and catch up. While organizations are putting their money on Hadoop flavours from different providers, the philosophy behind implementation is various. In this situation a quick 101 to determine when even to consider the big data situation will be a definite need. While we go on dwelling on the business case for the big data, its imperative to look at the business situations that currently we are facing.1. Proliferation of Mobile  [ Read More ]

12 May 2012

Looking back in time, one can observe always that a great product or a great concept has a lifeline of its own. Ideas/Products which are oriented to touch people have a longer shelf period than the rest. Android based phones are not the only devices which area build on top of Android platform. Now there are cell phones, TVs, music players, cars, security system, cameras and a full phethora of smart devices which have housed android for their every day juice. Lets have a fair comparision with the product line of of android competitors. Product line Apple iOS Android Windows  [ Read More ]

19 Dec 2011

On a not so lazy afternoon, I bumped in to the terminology “Big Data” once again. This time due to official reasons where we need to formulate the strategy for our big data venture. While I have been exposed to the concept from early last year, for last 2 months, everyone is talking about it vehemently. There are clear trends related to acquisitions and product offerings that give very positive sign about the buzz around the concept. While this blog is not to bore you people with the theory of big data, it’s definitely would make sense to define it  [ Read More ]

4 Aug 2011

Often it’s noticed that the technology graduation happens in such a seamless way that it’s difficult to draw a line between the generation. Cloud computing, which evolved from various concepts like optimization, virtualization and utility computing etc, is bit difficult to explain. However it’s easier to assign attribute the features to it which adds up to the success criteria. Does it mean that all framework satisfying these features, would be successful? The answer is ‘NO’. However necessarily all cloud computing should have these minimum traits to succeed. On-Demand: This is anyway the most lucrative attribute of cloud computing. The resource  [ Read More ]

21 Jul 2011

Now a days everyone is talking about cloud computing. While most of the enterprise try to do it as someone else is doing it, there are a few who pursue this as the extension of their virtulization effort. Cloud computing in most of the enterprise has resulted from the need of improvement of utilization of the infrastructure and need to reduce the  total cost of ownership. Its a different story that it gives rise to the complexity of infrastructure accounting and cost sharing. It seems like, it’s the way to go for almost every enterprise. From my experience of venturing into  [ Read More ]

28 Mar 2011

March 11th it was and i took my wife for shopping to Concord Mills. Normally i am a reluctant window shopper. Hardly did she believe that i was proposing this to her. But little did she know my alter-motive. Well concord Mills also has a best buy and what a coincidence it was the launch of apple iPAD 2.0. LOL. To cut the long story short, i had a good 1 hour play date with the new darling. It has at least gone on Diet, lost some weight and fat around the love handles. iPAD 2 is as good as  [ Read More ]

26 Jan 2011

Thomas Friedman said the world is flat, Well the same is not true about the technology trending. In the early 2000s, all of us, the proud preachers of software or service solution wizards were happy glorifying the value of shared service. Shared service which essentially means “commoditi-zation” of function, assumes the following idealistic events to occur. 1. Slicing and dicing the specialty to task level granularity 2. At granular level tasks does not require special knowledge 3. Execution unit of task is not extendable from person to person. It simply means that if i am executing task X, it will  [ Read More ]